The ServiceMaster Clean North Star Awards

Within our growing franchise network, we feel that it is necessary to reward our franchise owners for their efforts in business, including growth, reviews, charity, employees and general all-round greatness!

We take great pleasure in sharing with you our North Star Award categories and winners for 2017, recently presented at our Summer Regional Ceremony in June 2018.


Growth Awards
These awards reflect the growth of the business over the last calendar year (2017) in comparison to the year before (2016).

  • ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Cardiff
  • ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services South West Wales
  • ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Humberside
  • ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Leicester
  • ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Huddersfield
  • ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Guildford
  • ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Strathclyde East
  • ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Strathclyde South
  • ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Exeter
  • ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Manchester
  • ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services London City (two awards)
  • ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Mercia
  • ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Reading/Newbury (two awards)


Customer Awards

The customer award is defined by the quantity and quality of customer reviews.

  • ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services North Surrey
  • ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Bradford
  • ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services South West Wales


Employee of the Year

The employee awards are for those recognised for their hard work within a Merry Maids franchised business.

Highly Commended

  • Kinga Derenowska of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Guildford

Employee of the Year

  • Doreen Baxter of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Reading/Newbury


Rookie of the Year

This award is for our newest Merry Maids franchisees within their first two years in business.

  • ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Guildford


cs-mercia-awardFranchisee of the Year

The prestigious award of greatness in our whole ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services network is awarded to the business that ticks all of the boxes! The winning business owner secures a place at the International ServiceMaster Convention over in the US to further their learnings and capabilities within their own ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business over here in the UK.

  • ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Mercia




We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our business owners for their continued hard work to successfully grow and manage their individually owned and operated ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services businesses. Without such a high calibre of investors, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services would not be where it is today.


If you would like to find out more about becoming a ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services franchisee and the prospect of winning our coveted awards, why not give us a call on 0116 275 9005 or email us at

The BIG Summer Summit

One of the best parts of being in a franchise is having the peer network around you.

Here at ServiceMaster Clean we vow to give our business owners a platform to communicate with their fellow peers on a regular basis. We also ensure that we provide useful information to our franchisees in an interesting and enjoyable format.

The BIG Summer Summit saw over 100 individuals from our franchised businesses meet to talk all things business and to attend four session topics of their choice covering HR, Marketing, Sales, Technology and Products.


The session topics were carefully decided by our operations team at the Franchise Support Centre to cover areas of the business that our business owners felt they needed further support in. We drafted in expert advice from HR, Marketing, Sales, Technology & Product specialists in order to deliver on brief. We also held some additional sessions with our own qualified franchise professionals (QFP) team.

Our ServiceMaster Clean business owners even left with a goody bag of branded merchandise to further their investment in a very powerful and recognised brand.

Our event was a huge success! Take a read of some of the testimonials below;

“Well paced, informative and interesting sessions and event.”

“I stayed overnight and the venue was great, the food great, the sessions were all good and it was really good to meet not only the new FP’s but some of the other brands as well.”

“Excellent day and I personally found it very informative.”

Being a part of our franchise network means that you not only get support from a world-renowned franchisor, but also from a network of established business owners all working towards the same goal as you. We’re a friendly bunch and between us all, have heaps of knowledge around our service, sector, customers and all things business!

If you’d like to find out more about being an integral part of our ServiceMaster Clean network, contact our Franchise Recruitment Team on 0116 275 9005 or at

Contract Cleaning Remains a Necessity | ServiceMaster Clean

The demand for cleaning is perceived as being less subject to the economic downturn than other sectors as cleaning remains a necessity.

The contract cleaning industry is thriving, but remains competitive, with an estimated turnover of around £5.6 billion annually. A ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services franchise gives prospective business owners the recipe for success in the industry.

When looking for an industry and a franchise to partner up with, it’s essential that you do your research in to both! A great franchise is no good without a great industry to operate within.

Here’s some key facts about the Contract Cleaning Industry – Warwick Institute for Employment Research

  • The UK market for contract cleaning is estimated to be £5.6 billion
  • There are around 448,400 people working in the industry in just over 32,000 companies
  • Migrant workers make up 37% of the English cleaning workforce
  • 86% of all cleaning companies have 10 or less employees
  • 1% of companies have 200 plus employees and provide work for approximately half of all cleaning employees

How do we fair up? 

  • Largest Franchisee turnover exceeds £4 million employing over 600 people
  • 23% of Franchisees have exceeded £1 million turnover
  • Average business turnover £768k employing approximately 114 staff
  • Approximately 3985 employees across the network
  • Contract Services business grew by 10.4% in 2017

Our franchisees benefit from the use of an established brand of almost 60 years, proven business model and unlimited support from a team of qualified franchise professionals to help them to grow their business in a growing industry.

If you would like to find out more about our franchise proposition in a growing industry, then why not speak to a member of our Franchise Recruitment Team on 0116 275 9005 or at

E-commerce | The first in the industry

Did you know that ServiceMaster Clean are the first in the industry to offer e-commerce?

Many people buy products online, whether that is a pair of shoes, a car or even fuel… why not carpet and upholstery cleaning!?

ServiceMaster Clean are the first in the UK to offer a fully functioning ecommerce facility that allows customers to book and pay for their carpet and upholstery service at their leisure. Our easy and flexible online solution takes the stress out of booking for the customer, whilst filling the business diary with just a few clicks!

Technology is constantly changing and ServiceMaster Clean is a brand that is developing to ensure that we are always at the forefront of the customer and business needs.

Why ecommerce?

  • Market leaders
  • Quick, convenience and easy
  • Remains open 24/7/365 for customers to book
  • Great customer experience
  • Attract new customer groups with search engine visibility
  • Lower costs = higher ROI
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Fills your diary with jobs, whilst you are working

What do we know so far?

  • Average order value increased by 20%
  • Longer lead time from booking to services required
  • 1/3 of orders are placed outside business hours
  • Payment is made by the customer at the time of the booking
  • Younger age group purchasing online, than the traditional phone booking
  • 38% of people bought multiple services i.e. carpet and upholstery cleans

If you are considering partnering up with a franchise at the forefront of innovation, why not consider a ServiceMaster Clean Residential Services franchise? Our online shop addition is FREE for the first 6 months of your franchise agreement and just £40 per month thereafter. 

Call our Franchise Recruitment Team on 0116 275 9005 or email with your enquiry

Getting in shape for Summer with ServiceMaster Clean Commercial Services

Just as we like to get in shape for summer, the best businesses do too! First impressions are extremely important and a poor first impression could cost a business their next client. If you went in to a restaurant and your feet stuck to the carpets and you daren’t sit on their dining chairs because they were dirty, would you eat there? No, probably not.

ServiceMaster Clean Commercial Services can provide onsite carpet, hard floor & upholstery cleaning services in or outside of working hours to bring a business premises back to its former glory. We can also visit regularly under a tailored maintenance programme to keep on top of things and keep the general appearance – excellent!

The Commercial Services franchise enables you to take a direct control of your business; every business will have carpets, hard floors & upholstery. You will be comfortable & enjoy the opportunity to meet with prospects and clients, and discuss how your services can help their business.

Maintaining the fabric of commercial properties not only ensures that the business maintains it image for clients & customers, it also provides a pleasant working environment for its biggest assets, its employees.

Just like your car, hard floors, carpets & upholstery will provide greater length of service if maintained regularly – so there are medium & long term financial benefits for your customers too.

Because you are pre-planning and scheduling your work in advance you have a greater control of your work schedules, as your customer base grows your lead times will by your indicator that you will need to recruit your next operative.

As with all of our franchise opportunities, we will give you the support and guidance to grow your business and get in front of the right audiences to promote your valuable services.

So for more information our Commercial Services franchise opportunity, why not speak to a member of the ServiceMaster Clean recruitment team on 0116 275 9005 or by email at

ServiceMaster Clean on Flash Flooding

Amongst the glorious weather that we had in May, we also endured torrential rain and thunderstorms. The affects weren’t just confined to the West Midlands and parts of Wales as you may have probably seen on the TV, the whole country experienced varying degrees of flash flooding. Our ServiceMaster Clean business owners were on hand to help! 

Our 24-7 approach to disaster restoration is what our customers are looking for in their hour of need.

Acting on behalf of insurers, loss adjusters and often direct with the client themselves, we act quickly, professionally and with empathy to restore homes and businesses back to normality as quickly as we possible.

When you choose your franchise it has to be the right business proposition for you, and that in our ever changing world it has a commercial future!

Articles suggest that Donald Trump believes that global warning is a scare story, fact or fiction, we are seeing an increase in high intensity weather events, from rivers & streams that burst their banks (and we see on news reels) or very localised flash flooding (that we never hear about). Combine this with the hectic modern life across our villages, towns and cities – that present challenges to society, solutions to counter the effects of anti-social behaviour, graffiti, needles sweeps, waste & sewage clean-ups.

Disaster Restoration evolves, as society advances the demands for solutions advance too. This franchise is not for the feint-hearted, it’s not an everyday occurrence for the population as individuals, so your enthusiasm and ability to seek out opportunities in you franchise area will be your key asset. Building a local digital presence, using social media & in the flesh; looking for property or facility managers, local insurance carriers, loss adjusters, loss assessors, trades people, retailers and self-insured commercial & domestic clients – to name but a few.

Support from a world-renowned franchisor is on hand to assist with marketing your business services so that you can fully exploit your territory and make ServiceMaster Clean the name that people know.

If you like the cut and thrust of business, having a varied workload & the necessary personal skills to work with people that have been affected by an unexpected event, and be there in the hour of need – then we want to speak to you and you’ll probably want to speak to us! Email or Call 0116 275 9005