Expansion is in the air

Our ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services (office/commercial cleaning) network is growing exponentially! So much so that there are just a few remaining territories available in the UK.

2021 certainly looks to continue to theme of ‘cleaning’ and ‘hygiene’. With more and more businesses given the green light to open, they are looking for expert help to help them to remain open to keep their customers and employees safe.

With news of the territory shortage in the network, existing franchise owners have flocked to purchase more licence areas as a result of the increasing demand for cleaning services in the B2B sector. So far in 2021, there have been 9 resales and new territories purchased by existing franchise owners.

It is not uncommon for existing franchise owners to hold more than one territory – even across brands. It is in fact a benefit to us and them as there are no additional training requirements, they are well experienced and require little support so they can get stuck straight in.

With just a handful of territories available within the network, it’s the right time to look in to franchising with us. You don’t need any prior experience in business or in cleaning, just the right attitude and aptitude to build a great business.

For a no obligation chat with our franchise recruitment team, contact us on 0116 275 9005 for further information on available franchise territories and future training dates.

Award winner expands AGAIN

Siva Kugathas was new to the world of commercial cleaning when he purchased a fairly small cleaning company back in January 2017. Since that time, Siva has grown that initial business by being totally committed to providing exceptional commercial cleaning services and going above and beyond to meet his client’s expectations.

A testament to the exceptional services that Siva and his team provide are the abundance of awards he has received over recent years including the ‘Transformation’ award from the HSBC BFA awards in 2020, Brand Brilliance awards and local Guildford business awards, where he first started.

A clear investment and belief in the brand is shown by Siva’s consequent purchases of 6 additional territories.

Siva came from a franchise background and was always very commercial minded. From the outset, Siva started to build a good team around him, a team that would share his customer orientated ethos. Having taken his first Guildford territory from a small but good business to a great business, Siva expanded his business to a further two territories; Bracknell in 2018 and Thames Valley in 2019. Siva established himself firmly in these areas and having grown the team further, invested in two more areas; Luton & Watford in 2020 despite COVID-19.

This year, Siva has not only expanded his business into Ipswich and Colchester, he has also made the decision to invest in and buy existing business ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services East Kent from previous owner Martin Renny who had owned the business for over 35 years.

Siva plans on working with the existing employees in East Kent and growing the team to be able to provide his high level of service to businesses, educational establishments, healthcare providers and other commercial premises throughout the East Kent area and his team will grow to ensure the same great commercial cleaning service can also be provided throughout the Ipswich and Colchester areas too.

“We are very excited about sharing our experience of providing Above and Beyond service to our new clients in the Colchester, Ipswich and East Kent areas. Working with our new clients and we will roll out our Customer Mania ethos to current and future employees in these areas so they are ready to deliver Above and Beyond service to each and every one of our Clients.Our Award winning team are ready and enthusiastic to train and pass on their experience to the new teamand, the whole team are looking forward to building long lasting relationships”.

Said Siva Kugathas – Managing Director of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Guildford, Bracknell, Thames Valley, Luton, Watford, East Kent, Colchester and Ipswich.

“Siva’s success really comes down to his commitment to provide customer service above and beyond what is expected. He has built a very strong team that he values and together they support the rest of the business, all the way to the cleaning operatives. Siva has built a very good business and a loyal and happy client base and we are sure he will continue to do so in his new areas of operation”,

Added Guy Strang, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Brand Manager.

Our franchise network is built by knowledgeable, driven and passionate entrepreneurs, all looking to build a bright and profitable business in the commercial cleaning sector.

For those individuals who are not totally convinced in joining our franchise, we have many other franchise owners like Siva who have gone on to purchase further territories and increase their commitment to the brand.

If you’d like to discuss our available territories and next training dates, contact us today on 0116 275 9005 for further information. 

Keeping it in the family

Simon Taplin has owned ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Mid Anglia for over 30 years and has grown it in to a successful business with many loyal clients and a good reputation among the local businesses throughout Mid Anglia. Simon’s Son in Law Malcolm Bennett is now managing director and together they have made the decision to expand the business for the next generation, and have invested in ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Norfolk.

Cleaning has become so much more important now, than ever in the commercial world. To our brand ServiceMaster Clean, it has always been our priority but to many, cleaning never was. Since COVID-19 that has changed and business owners, schools, nurseries and even healthcare providers are taking good cleaning more seriously and understand that using a professional company is the best way to get the cleaning done well.

Having gained over 30 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, Simon, Malcolm and their team are delighted to be able to provide their professional commercial cleaning services to businesses, educational establishments and healthcare providers throughout Norfolk and are looking forward to working with new clients, especially as we ease further out of lockdown and start getting back to some kind of normality.

“We invested in CS Norfolk as it looked a good business opportunity to expand into an area close to us with good transport links from our office, with large established and growing Business/Commercial Parks but an area that allowed us to support those businesses with our established cleaning operation team, making sure we could deliver a professional service throughout Norfolk, gained through our current CS Mid Anglia Franchise where we have been providing cleaning services to clients for 30 years’ now. Some of our oldest client we have had from the start.   

As Norfolk boarders CS Mid Anglia and is close to our office, most of our staff live within its borders so we have a good background knowledge of the business within the area, the competition and our vehicles are already seen driving around.”

Said Malcolm Bennett, Managing Director of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Mid Anglia and Norfolk.

“Both Simon and Malcom are very knowledgeable about the commercial cleaning industry and we know they will be able to make the most of their knowledge and build many great relationships with their new clients in the Norfolk area”,

added Guy Strang, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Brand Manager.

We wish Simon and Malcolm all the best with their new business venture and we’ll be here to help in any way we can along their journey.

If you would like to find out more about joining our commercial cleaning franchise, contact our franchise recruitment team today on 0116 275 9005 for further information on available territories and future training dates. 

Real Franchise Story – Business owners expand to service new opportunities

Rachael & Lee Downer have owned and managed ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services North Surrey & West London since 2004 and have grown the business considerably over that time. Rachael & Lee pride themselves in providing a highly professional commercial cleaning service to their clients; which has been particularly valued over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rachael & Lee’s current business is well established and has a solid reputation in the area and in light of COVID-19 it is evident that good commercial cleaning services are needed more so than ever before. Rachael & Lee knew there was opportunity to put their skills and experience to good use and expand the already successful business.

Rachael & Lee chose to invest in another ServiceMaster Clean Franchise and has purchased a vacant territory covering Hertfordshire – ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Hertfordshire.

Rachael & Lee plan on growing the business significantly and is looking forward to growing and developing their work force, creating more jobs in the area. Cleaning has become more important than ever and as the business grows, not only will there be a need for more cleaning operatives but also supervisors and office staff to ensure exceptional customer service is maintained.

“Our service is tailored to each customer’s specific needs with the focus on developing lasting relationships. Our commitment is to deliver the highest possible quality service at all times and make a difference. The success of our business is due to the ongoing investment in our people and the service they provide to ourCustomers. We look forward to growing more lasting relationships with our new clients across Hertfordshire.”

Says Rachael Downer, Managing Director of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services North Surrey, West London & Hertfordshire

“Rachael & Lee have been valued ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Business Owners and have exceptional commitment to providing excellent service to their clients, we’re excited to see how Rachael & Lee grow and develop the new business they have invested in and we are sure the new clients’ will benefit greatly from Rachael & Lee’s commitment to providing exceptional service”

Added Guy Strang, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Brand Manager.

There are many opportunities within the network to expand and grow through servicing more sectors, offering more janitorial services and even through the addition of new territories or resale opportunities.

If you would like to find out more about our few remaining territories, contact our franchise recruitment team today on 0116 275 9005 to find out more.