Residential Services – Why should you sell services online?

Online shopping has been around for some time now, particularly for buying products and more recently for buying services, but why should you sell your services online?

There are many reasons, the main being that if you’re not a part of the digital evolution, you will get left behind!

Here’s some more reasons as to why you should sell your services online:

  • Improved accessibility for customers – Not defined by opening hours, your business is available to your customers whilst you sleep
  • Reduced admin – Your customers enter information for you, saving you time and resource to spend elsewhere
  • Agility – Digital technology allows you to be more agile, serving customers through changes in market or customer behaviour
  • Greater reach and service – You can reach a wider audience (territory) and serve more than 1 customers at once, meaning that customers don’t have to wait to be served and are less likely to go elsewhere
  • A range of payment options – No more cash on delivery (or post service), instead, cash is received upfront for the services improving cash flow and providing ease for the customer
  • Data – The data collected from online transactions is massive! It helps you to make data informed decisions in the future

With all of the above, and a world renowned franchisor who not only provides, supports and develops the e-commerce evolution, a ServiceMaster Clean Residential franchise with our e-commerce facility is a positive step in the right direction when going in to business. Particularly as e-commerce is rated as one of the best business models for starting up.

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Recurring income with a Contract Services franchise

Much of the ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services model is based on not only attracting, but retaining clients.

But why is it important to retain clients?

That’s because the lifetime value of a client is greater in a ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services business because of regular recurring income. It is very much a numbers game of attracting and servicing more clients each day, week, month makes reaching targets easier and much easier to predict.

Having regular recurring income allows you to better manage staff levels, resources and investments. There are suitable systems in place to monitor these factors helping the business owner to make data informed decisions. Data informed decisions can be lower risk, preventing costly and poorly timed decisions.

How can you retain clients? 

  • Understand clients needs, meet and if you can, surpass them
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Ask clients for their feedback and act upon it
  • Reward loyalty
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Don’t become complacent

All of the above points are thoroughly covered in our ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services franchise training academy. With continuous support throughout.

If you’d like to build a scalable business through building and retaining a customer base, we’d love to hear from you. Contact our friendly franchise sales team on 0116 275 9005 / for territory and training information 

Lloyds Bank Business Excellence Awards 2021

Siva Kugathas and ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services AAA has beaten off stiff competition to become a finalist in the Employer of the Year in the Lloyds Bank Business Excellence Awards 2021.

The Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards (BBEA) celebrates and showcases the resilience, innovation and creativity of British businesses.

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services AAA provide office & Commercial Cleaning Services to businesses, schools, healthcare providers and more. ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services AAA was originally ServiceMaster Clean Contract services Guildford. Siva purchased the existing business in January 2017 and from the outset Siva’s was committed to building a strong team and prioritising exceptional customer service. Siva’s priority is to create an exceptional team and great place to work in an industry that is historically known for his high staff turnover. Siva has introduced a number of staff incentives since acquiring the initial business such as staff events and development training opportunities which help build a better team across the whole business.

Siva Kugathas, Managing Director or ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services AAA said:
“We are thrilled to be among the top business in Britain by becoming a finalist in these very prestigious National business awards. Being a finalist is testament to the innovation, hard work and dedication shown by our team during the last year (for example. Meeting the ever changing and developing cleaning needs of our existing clients and those of other businesses that were let down by companies that could meet the demand)”

Event Director of The Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence Awards (BBEA), Sarah Austin said:
“Our awards are a national platform to showcase, celebrate and honour the very best of British business. Becoming a finalist is a very impressive accolade; all our finalists stood out as truly creative and innovative during a turbulent year for British businesses; they have proven their companies to be resilient, entrepreneurial and really are best of class.”

All finalists will present to the judging panel in September, then the winners will be announced at the awards ceremony in November. Tickets to attend the ceremony are available to purchase through the website:

We’re looking for entrepreneurs who are or inspire to be great employers to offer the best to both their employees and customers. 

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Three times award winners – ServiceMaster Clean Jemsl

Rachael & Lee purchased ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services North Surrey in 2004 and due to their commercial success, expanded the business to include West London and Hertfordshire, now known cumulatively as ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Jemsl. Rachael & Lee have developed a culture of providing exceptional customer service which has resulted in strong growth and expansion for the company in all areas.

This dedication, development and success has resulted in Rachael, Lee and their team scooping not one but three awards at this year’s ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services annual awards.

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Jemsl won a growth award for growing the business more than £200k in one year, which given part of the year ran over the COVID-19 pandemic is quite an achievement. They also won the North Start customer Service Award for their outstanding NPS score of 100% which is exceptionally good for any business in the cleaning sector. Lastly but probably the most noteworthy was the North Star Invest award, this award was given for the contribution to the community throughout the Pandemic. Rachael & the team at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Jemsl, have taken part in the London Moon walk and volunteered to clean a local church so they could reopen after lockdown.

“We are absolutely delighted to have received recognition for our recent achievements.  We are blessed to have the opportunity to work with an amazing Operational and Support team who have gone above and beyond during a difficult year.  Their resilience, commitment and enthusiasm has been unwavering and these awards are a true reflection of this”.
Said Rachael & Lee Downer.

Guy Strang, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Brand Manager added;
“Rachael and her team are committed to providing exceptional customer service and giving back to the local community, all three awards are very well deserved and I am sure there will be more to come, well done.”

If your attitude is similar to that of Rachel and Lee’s – we’d love to hear from you. We are on the lookout for  more dedicated to growth and expansion for our remaining territories in the network. Contact our franchise sales team on 0116 275 9005 / for further information