Three ServiceMaster Clean Businesses make the shortlist for the BFA HSBC UK British Franchise Awards 2024

Three franchise business owners from ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services have risen to the top of the franchising world as finalists in the BFA HSBC UK British Franchise Awards 2024.

Within the world of franchising, the BFA HSBC UK British Franchise Awards are some of the most prestigious awards a franchise business and brand can win.

They celebrate excellence and showcase the innovation, dedication, and positive impacts franchises make across the UK.

In this, its 35th Year, the awards have seen a record number of entrants, with hundreds of businesses across the nation throwing their hats into the ring for consideration from the expert judging panel: spearheaded by the BFA’s Chief Executive, Pip Wilkins and HSBC UK’s Head of Franchising, Gillian Morris.

Despite the competition, not one, not two, but three ServiceMaster Clean businesses are among the final shortlist of applicants across three categories.

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Manchester – HSBC UK Best in Class Multi-Unit Single Brand Award

The BFA describe the HSBC UK best-in-class multi-unit awards as ‘like no other.’

It recognises business owners who have built empires in franchising.

The judges were looking for ‘a franchisee [who] has a clear passion for business and is a master of managing management teams.’

CJ Micallef is the daughter of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Manchester’s original owners, Sarah and Martin Steinman, who started the business in 1991 and operated out of the conservatory of their family home.

CJ joined the company in 2004 as a Key Account Manager after a career working in leadership roles for companies like Starbucks Coffee.

Today, she is Managing Director, having taken the reigns of the family business.

She has been instrumental in expansion through the growth of the business’s turnover, capacity, and efficiency.

The business boasts one of the ServiceMaster Clean brand’s largest local market shares, achieved through organic and local sales growth, and only eight national accounts, despite only covering one major city and competing with approximately 440 cleaning companies.

In 2019, CJ created a five-year plan to reach a £5 million turnover when turning over £2.5 million.

They have achieved above and beyond their goals and, with a current turnover of £5.2 million, are growing in line with their 37% growth in the last year and consistent growth in previous years.

When they formulated these goals, they were primed for growth but were halted by COVID-19. They have since grown by over £2 million in two years.

They have expanded both licenses to have much greater coverage across Greater Manchester and Cheshire through a fleet of branded vehicles, which have grown by 17 cars in the past 12 months, improving the business’s operational capacity and efficiency and the size of the franchise operation through our market share and brand visibility locally.

The franchise now serves 200 clients across 850 sites in vital markets like offices, schools and housing associations.

ServiceMaster by Deeland – HSBC UK Best in Class Multi-Unit Multi-Brand Award

ServiceMaster by Deeland is also shortlisted in the Best-in-Class Multi-Unit category as a Multi-Branded operation due to the professional residential and commercial carpet and upholstery and disaster restoration services, they provide under the ServiceMaster Restore and ServiceMaster Clean brands alongside their contract cleaning services.

The business was started by Contract Services franchisee Nick Dee Shapland in 1991 as a sole trader in Newbury and Reading.

In 2021 it became an Employee Ownership Trust, whereby 80% of the company shares are held in trust on behalf of the employees.

This structurally ensures that their staff can contribute to ideas within the company and benefit from a shareholder distribution scheme.

Not only does this result in greater longevity and expertise amongst their team, but it also ensures that staff are actively invested in the success and growth of the business and go ‘above and beyond’ in providing excellent customer service with a real financial motivation to achieve growth.

All this has contributed to their achievements in business success in the wider world and ServiceMaster’s franchise network.

Not only did they achieve their franchisor-set target of 10% growth annually over the last five years, but they also received multiple awards for growth and environmental initiatives.

ServiceMaster Clean AAA – Business Builder Award

After winning big last year by taking home the Franchisee Trailblazer and People’s Choice awards, Siva Kugathas is now shortlisted in the brand new Business Builder category.

This award recognises a franchisee who has purchased a profitable resale business and is now excelling by executing strategies that elevate it from good to great.

Siva purchased ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Guildford in 2017 as a resale from an existing franchisee.

At the time, the business turned over £50,000. In a matter of years, he has transformed it into a shining star in his multi-million-pound, multi-territory empire: ServiceMaster Clean AAA.

Using the ServiceMaster Clean model and thorough strategies that combat common hurdles in the cleaning industry, Siva has transformed a good business into something great.

He has been ambitious from the start, with an initial goal of creating more job opportunities and rapid growth within the local area.

His practices around employee mentorship, customer satisfaction, ‘celebrity service’ and employing a dedicated sales team allowed him to transform his business into a bastion of success.

Initially doubling the size of his operation in just 18 months, he has also acquired 18 further territories in 7 years to grow to a turnover of £6 million last year.

Now, as a top-performing franchisee, he is committed to exceeding client expectations and driving the business to achieve a target of a £10 million turnover by 2027.

The awards evening

Our business owners and their fellow finalists will now spend the next few months working on the next round of judging before the winners are announced in November at the end of the BFA’s annual conference.

The night will be led by Pip and Gillian, who each had highly complementary words for all of the worthy finalists:

Pip Wilkins said:

“We are delighted to be celebrating our 35th year of the BFA awards this year and as always, another exceptionally difficult round of shortlisting for Gillian and I.

Congratulations to each and every one of you who have made the finals; this is in itself a huge achievement and one you should be extremely proud of. The team and I look forward to seeing you in November.”

Gillian Morris added:

“My heartfelt congratulations to the deserving finalists in this year’s British Franchise Awards.”

“Shortlisting the entries and choosing the finalists is one of the toughest challenges of my year but it’s one I love.”

“I was truly inspired by the brilliant businesses amongst this year’s entrants and the finalists really do represent the best of British franchising.”

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ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Bradford’s new owner celebrates first anniversary and one year of growth

One year of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services in Bradford.

 Stuart McCaig joined the ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services franchise network a year ago as the new owner of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Bradford which he took over as a resale from the previous owner.

Here’s how his first year in business has been.

Before joining ServiceMaster, Stuart worked as a contractor and a permanent data analyst for Lloyds Bank, before deciding to be the master of his path.

Since then, Stuart’s focus has been supporting clients to create a better cleaning experience. His work in his first year has been about stabilising the business.

Stuart’s committed, methodical and driven approach to contract cleaning has helped him develop a rock-solid operational structure, providing a great foundation to build future years of the business.

To assess and maintain this structure, his supervisors run a regular quality survey to ensure the quality of their work is up to an exceptional standard – like an industry-standard  Net Promoter Score, but for internal auditing. They are achieving a high 90% score across all existing accounts.

Their exceptional services and structure have meant that in the last few months, Stuart has brought in around £500,000 of new business through new accounts created, based on a conservative 3-year lifetime value, and increasing his Net Margin from around 4% to around 11%.

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From Football to Franchising

Phillip Wingfield from ServiceMaster Clean talks about life after professional sport.

Before becoming a business owner, Philip Wingfield played semi-professional football for Farnborough FC and Kingstonians FC.

Some career highlights included playing in the final of the FA Trophy at Wembley.

He now has a ServiceMaster Clean franchise, covering Kingston Upon Thames in Surrey.

He sat down with our partners at LAPS: Life After Professional Sport to talk, well… life after professional sport.

Phil’s start in football

“I’d had trials as an 18-year-old for Crystal Palace FC but hadn’t quite made it, so I’d ended up playing semi-professionally.”

“My teammates were people who hadn’t quite made it in the leagues above or former professional full-time players who were coming to the ends of their careers. Farnborough FC and Kingstonians FC were the two clubs I spent some time at.”

“The highlight of my career was probably scoring in the fourth round of the FA Cup or playing at Wembley in the final of the FA Trophy.”

“Match of the Day, that sort of thing; special moments.”

Joining ServiceMaster Clean

When Phil was 18, he started working for ServiceMaster Clean.

“I sort of fell into it by accident,” he says.

“But I swiftly realised it was good hours as I also wanted time to train and play football. I was working for my boss at the time. When I retired from football, I’d built a career doing it, so I decided to buy the franchise from him, as he was looking to retire. The timing worked out well. That was 20 years ago!”

Phil took over a business that was already well-established and had been working in it for 17 years prior, so he knew it had a solid customer base and was well-known in the area.

“I knew if I ran it as my boss had, it would be successful.”

Football vs Franchising: What’s the difference?

He says being sporty helped him when we took over his franchise because he was used to hard work, routine and discipline.

“Even at the semi-pro level, it’s a tough environment,” he says. “With people criticising you and that sort of thing, you’ve got to be quite thick-skinned to be successful in it.”

He adds that in this vein, sportspeople are typically cut out to be great franchisees because of the overlapping qualities needed to succeed in both environments.

“Sportspeople are usually driven people, they’re usually competitive, and they don’t like losing. So, you like to succeed in whatever you’re doing. And that’s why running a franchise is a good fit for a sportsperson. And it’s also allowed me to stay connected to football.”

At 34, Phil stopped playing semi-professional football and then didn’t play any football for six years.

He then got back into it playing veterans football at age 40 and played for another ten years.

“I only retired at 50 because of my knee. It’s veteran’s football, and I’ve played with a few ex-pros; we even won the Veterans National Cup!”

LAPS: Our partnership

Life After Professional Sport (LAPS) is a careers resource platform offering advice, networking and job opportunities for future, current and former athletes.

As official partners of LAPS, three ServiceMaster Brands UK brands – ServiceMaster Clean, TruGreen, and ServiceMaster Restore – are three of ten brands that work exclusively with LAPS to provide entrepreneurial opportunities to former athletes across different sports.

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Salesperson Spotlight: Jayne Mutimer – ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services LNP

Get to know Jayne Mutimer from ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services LNP

In any business, sales are vital.

This is no different in franchising and certainly not for ServiceMaster Clean.

So, we’ve been getting to know a bit more about the salespeople who make a difference by going above and beyond in our franchise businesses across the UK.

Starting with Jayne, Senior Sales Consultant from ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services LNP.


Jayne hails from a sales background working abroad selling holidays. This was followed by working in retail management and customer service.

These experiences gave her a good aptitude for talking to and meeting new people, and this is what she enjoyed the most. In these roles, Jayne learned how to break down barriers and build a rapport with people.

She came to ServiceMaster not knowing anything about cleaning (other than general knowledge); joining ServiceMaster Three Counties in 2006  and LNP in April 2014.


Jayne says that a lot of her role is about problem-solving for people.

People often get in touch because they have an issue or are unhappy with something.

Although Jayne now also covers Northampton, she started in Peterborough when it had just been brought onto LNP.

The territory began with 20 clients, and her job was to build the pipeline from scratch by going around on foot in Peterborough and establishing relationships.

That pipeline has now grown to around 150 clients.

Thoughts on recent changes in customer behaviours/buying attitudes

The impact of things like the cost of living has shrunk margins. The role and industry have always been competitive, but Jayne has noticed this has increased recently.

Ultimately, she says, cleaning services are evergreen, and people are still looking for cleaning – it doesn’t have to be complicated.

People like to keep their cleaning simple, and that has remained.

Advice to any salesperson looking to join ServiceMaster Clean

“Get out there if you can. If you’re starting and you haven’t yet got a steady stream of clients and enquiries, get in the car and get out there, walk around and chat with people. It’s so much more fun!

People are really nice when you meet them face to face; a lot nicer than if you pick up the phone. People find it hard to be rude to you if you’re there. If you’re ringing them up when they’re busy, it’s a different story.

It’s a great job, and it’s very flexible, certainly for me, it has been. I manage my time. I make my own appointments, I’ve got my own diary, I work from home – perfect.

Financially, it’s been better than I ever thought. You’ve got to be patient – it takes time. You’re not going to earn a fortune immediately. But if you stick at it, the rewards are there.”

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Franchising as a family business – ServiceMaster Clean West Suffolk

Chris Edmonds from ServiceMaster Clean West Suffolk reflects on growing up around his dad’s family business for Father’s Day.

The UK celebrates Father’s Day this weekend, and to mark the occasion, we sat down with Chris Edmonds from ServiceMaster Clean West Suffolk to see what inheriting the family business from his father has taught him.

What was it like to build a business with your father?

“I grew up alongside the business as my parents built it, starting in the early 80’s with just a single garage and a Ford Cortina estate. Later, I worked for them during the school holidays and when [I was] back from University. By then, they had a few vehicles and premises of their own; when I moved back and worked full-time with my dad as we prepared for his retirement.”

“It was generally good fun. We get on well and are good mates. He likes a story and a dad joke, and I’ve heard them all a million times. Now and again, he’ll pull one out that he’s never told me but it’s rare!”

“There were times obviously when we had a difference of opinion. Working that closely with a parent or partner has its stresses but we never took it home after a day’s work. And when it came to the crunch he’d say, ‘While it’s my business we’ll do it my way, when it’s your business you can do it your way’ and you can’t say much fairer than that.”

What are your earliest memories of the business?

“Back in our first house in Bury St Edmunds (we still work for the lady who helped us buy it over forty years ago) Dad would sometimes bring rugs back to clean in our lounge. I’d help by spinning his carpet disk, so it’d lay flat for him to put the roto on. There was a knack to it. They did more bonnet cleaning back then not so much extraction cleaning as today.”

“They also sponsored my football team from under 9’s onwards. So, we’d all have a yellow kit with ServiceMaster on the front and go to away games in Dad’s big yellow van. It was quite iconic and I’m sure I was very proud.”

What about ServiceMaster Clean that made it the right company for your career?

“I was very familiar with [ServiceMaster Clean] having grown up around it, and it gave my wife and I the chance to work together when we moved back to the area and have something of our own.”

“Running your own business has its positives. You’re in control largely of what you do and when. But, of course, that comes with greater responsibility too. I was generally in customer services and then teaching – so people-based areas. That helps as being a sole trader I’m the voice on the phone, the guy who replies to the emails and the face that turns up on your doorstep.”

“But it works: we won the network Customer Service Award a couple of years ago and have loads of Five-star reviews across different platforms.”

What core values has your father passed down to you?

“To take pride in your work and all you do. We’re not into making a fast buck. We try and do a great job at a fair price so that people come back, tell their families and friends, and then they book us in, and so it grows.”

What are some of the most rewarding moments you’ve experienced since taking over the business?

“We won the Customer Service Award before Dad retired but by then he was just doing a bit in the office, so I felt that was something I’d achieved. But every week there are little moments when customers walk in really chuffed as you’ve got a stain out of their carpet, they thought they’d have to replace or say ‘Wow, the sofa you’ve cleaned looks like new’; little things like that.

Is your father proud of how the business has grown since his retirement?

“Yes, I think he’s proud of the work we’re doing. I sometimes hear him on the phone to old customers and it’s nice to hear what he tells them about me. He’s not one for blowing smoke so I know he means it.”

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Franchising as a Family Business: Father’s Day at ServiceMaster Clean Mercia

Father and son duo Kevin and Mark Harden discuss being in business together under the ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services brand.

The UK celebrates Father’s Day this weekend, and to mark the occasion, we sat down with father/son duo Kevin and Mark Harden from ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Mercia to see what building a business together has taught them.

What is it like to build a business with your father/son?

“In a father/son working relationship, it goes without saying that you need to be able to work together effectively, listening to one another’s views, communicating effectively and gaining joint agreement to important decisions. It can also be beneficial that we as a family are very committed to growing the business, and this rubs off on our management team in their approach and effectiveness.”


“Working in a father/son relationship can be incredibly rewarding to share in the successes with family.”

“One of the key benefits is our relationship enables a high level of trust and very open and effective communication. This ultimately benefits the business and our employees as we have clear shared values and vision for the business.”


Kevin, why did you decide to build a company alongside your family?

“Initially, it was just me and 20 or so staff. I was selling, supervising, managing, wages and cleaning when required. Through growth, it came to the point when I needed help, and firstly, my wife Jo joined me, leaving her role in IT with one of the top five accountancy firms, a brave decision. This enabled me to place greater emphasis on selling, and with this came further growth. We reached a point again when we needed help, and Mark joined the business. At the time, Mark had graduated from University and had a good job and career prospects with a large security company.  He joined the business to take on a Supervisory role, looking after several contracts.  Like Jo, this role enabled them both to understand the key elements of the business and recognise what makes a good Contracts Manager or Supervisor.”


What’s it like to operate a multi-generational business?

“Personally, I find it enjoyable. We have all placed our full commitment into the business and are enjoying the rewards this brings, both financially and in career satisfaction. I am now past pensionable age, and through investment in our management structure, I’m taking more of a back-seat role.  Jo is still heavily involved in overseeing our payroll, IT & administration. Mark took on the selling role full-time and gained significantly more growth; we are now at the stage of having a full-time salesperson, Contracts Managers and a newly promoted Regional Manager. This has enabled Mark to lead the business with my support.”

“Through my previous career, I have observed the dynamics within family businesses and have been mindful of how we interact with one another. Our emphasis to our staff and clients is that we are a family business, with the personal commitment this brings, alongside the backing of a large corporation enabling us to deliver an excellent professional service through innovative systems, processes and equipment.”


“Having Kevin and Jo in the business offers me a great opportunity to tap into their substantial past career experience and in-depth knowledge of the cleaning sector.  This is a resource I utilise not only for my development but for the growth of the business.”


What legacy are you hoping to leave behind for future generations?

“Mark, in the not-too-distant future, will take on the full running of the business. I’m sure that he will look to develop the business further through growth, acquisition and diversification.”


“We are always focused on the future and the need to build on the growth of the business. Being a family business allows us to focus on long-term goals and sustainability rather than short-term gains and profits.”

“Who knows, in the not-too-distant future, it may be my daughter joining the business!”


What about ServiceMaster Clean made it the right company for both of your careers?

“My prior career involved working for large corporate organisations in Sales, Marketing & Senior Management roles, and then Consultancy. I always wanted to run my own business and be a master of my own destiny. I read somewhere that if you buy a great business, you pay a great price, and if you buy an ok business, you pay an ok price – with the opportunity to turn it into a great business. The opportunity came to purchase an existing Contract Services business that was undeveloped, for which I paid an ok price. But I have turned it into a GREAT BUSINESS through the efforts of my family and our employees alongside the support and backing of the ServiceMaster Ltd team.”


“When Kevin approached me to join the business, I was developing a career path within a large national security company.  However, the chance to have a sense of ownership with input over the direction and growth, in conjunction with the support of ServiceMaster Ltd, was an opportunity too good to pass up.”


Want to buy a franchise?

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Over 30 ServiceMaster Clean and Merry Maids Business Owners and staff recognised for business excellence

Franchisees and staff from ServiceMaster Clean and Merry Maids were recognised for a range of awards at the recent ServiceMaster Spring Forward event.

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services and Merry Maids businesses from across the UK recently rallied in Coventry for our Spring Forward event.

The day was packed with informative sessions from Team Academy on how owners and staff can utilise their natural superpowers to create an impact in their businesses.

It was rounded off with a gala dinner and awards evening where over 30 franchise business owners and staff from both brands were awarded for their accomplishments over the last year.

This included multiple awards for business growth, with some achieving a growth of over £5M in 5 years and £1.5M the last year!

The awards were sponsored by Capital Fleet Solutions, who recognised several of our franchisees for going above and beyond in their local communities and for doing their bit to support the environment.

This included a business that helped support a family of Ukrainian refugees to live and work in the UK and others that have helped offset their carbon emissions by cultivating their woodland or turning hygiene waste into renewable fuel.

What our partners have to say

Tom Jackson, who owns a Merry Maids and ServiceMaster Clean business, won an award for growth in his ServiceMaster Clean business and the prestigious Merry Maids Franchisee of the Year Award.

Collecting the latter, Tom said:

“It feels great [to win]. Any award is fantastic, but it’s great to be recognised by your peers.”

“We’ve always been proud of Merry Maids because we’ve been doing it for 20 years, so I think, for me, it’s about helping new people come along so that as we grow, they grow.

“I needed a new challenge, and the ServiceMaster Clean business gave me that.”

About ServiceMaster Brands UK

ServiceMaster was founded in the US in 1928 and now manages a network of independent franchisees in more than 30 countries around the world.

ServiceMaster Limited was launched in the UK in 1959 and has over 400 regional businesses operating in the UK.

Events and awards like these help our franchisees to recognise and enhance their superpowers and give them a chance to recognise the work they and their peers do and learn from one another – supporting one another and driving continued growth and success.

Could this be you next year?

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ServiceMaster Clean AAA are a three-time finalist in the Customer Centricity World Series 2024

ServiceMaster Clean AAA is a finalist in accredited global awards for customer service, employee experience and business transformation.

Hot on the heels of their double award win at the BFA HSBC British Franchise Awards, ServiceMaster Clean AAA have achieved finalist status in the prestigious Customer Centricity World Series.

The awards are run by Arcet Global, a hybrid consultancy that helps organisations adopt global best practices, influencing change through communication services and worldwide partnerships to evolve business practices to enable sustainable success.

The awards recognise the world’s leading customer-centric organisations for transforming customer and employee experience.

Awards Categories

ServiceMaster Clean AAA have been carefully chosen by the awards judges as finalists in three categories:

  1. Customer-Centric Culture
  2. Business Change or Transformation
  3. Employee Experience Strategy

ServiceMaster Clean AAA’s Initiatives

Since launching in 2017, ServiceMaster Clean AAA has constantly innovated its support for its staff and clients, transforming from a single-territory franchise in Guildford to a 14-territory empire covering much of the UK.

Through key initiatives, the business has evolved significantly through a focus on customer experience and supported the personal and professional development of employees, which helped grow to a staff of over 900.

Business owner Siva Kugathas says he is delighted to have his innovation through his commitment to the people in his business and the people it serves recognised by the awards.

“I’m thrilled to be named a finalist in the Customer Centricity World Series for Customer-Centric Culture, Business Change or Transformation and Employee Experience Strategy,” he says.

“My goal has always been to provide my customers with an exceptional cleaning service, going above and beyond to exceed what they expect from our employees. In doing so, I have endeavoured to create an environment where my staff can grow and thrive. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. So, thank you to my team – this is for you!”

The results of the awards will be announced at a black-tie event in Dubai in May 2024.

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ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services LNP: Bettering the environment with Grow My Tree Initiatives

How ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services LNP are working with Impact Hero to support the environment with Grow My Tree initiatives.

In today’s world, climate change is an ever-growing factor in our lives and social and moral consciousness.

This naturally affects the way we, as a society, are doing business.

Particularly as more businesses recognise the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as over 52% of business owners believe that a successful CSR strategy can add value to a business.

However, when it comes to sustainability and green initiatives – according to Forbes – although 90% of companies think sustainability is essential, only 60% have implemented a sustainability strategy.

The team at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services LNP are amongst the minority of business in the UK, including other ServiceMaster Clean businesses, who are affecting positive change with tree planting initiatives.

Grow My Tree Initiatives

This year, the team at LNP teamed up with Impact Hero, a platform that empowers companies like ServiceMaster Clean to embody a Net Positive approach to business.

Together, they are working to plant a tree in honour of every new client that achieves a specific spend as part of the team’s ongoing commitment to fight climate change and as an effective and sustainable way forward.

This naturally combats climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide, outputting oxygen, and ensuring healthy soil.

One new tree neutralises approximately 22kg of carbon dioxide, and since August, the team have planted 16 trees, the offsetting outcome of which is approximate to the carbon dioxide output of:

  • Consuming 9,600g of beef
  • Consuming 2544kg of vegetables
  • 16 train journeys between Cologne – Munich
  • 3,68% of one person’s annual CO2 emissions

Denise Ces Agraso, Head of Payroll, Pensions, and HR at ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services LNP, says:

“We are delighted to report that since teaming up with Impact Hero, we have planted 16 trees!”

“We believe that taking action against climate change is crucial, and we are proud to offer this unique opportunity to new clients.”

“Together, we can make a positive impact on our environment.”

The value of a cleaner who cares

The work of the LNP team epitomises the ServiceMaster commitment to caring about our customers and environment and going above and beyond the call of duty.

We know that the value of a good service goes beyond just cost, which is why we pride ourselves on building long-lasting and trusted relationships with our clients.

This helps us to know, meet, and exceed their expectations and deliver the service they deserve every time.

Want to operate your own successful business?

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