Siva secures his fifth territory

Siva secures his fifth territory

Joining the ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services franchise in early 2017, Siva hoped to double his turnover in a timeframe of eighteen-months and instead smashed his target and grew his investment by 101% for his Guildford territory within just one year.

It was clear to Siva that the ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services franchise offered a strong brand and a proven business model that could help him to make more money and to achieve his business aspirations. As such, just twelve months in and having grown his turnover by another 220%, Siva purchased his second territory covering Thames Valley.

Three years in, Siva further invested in his business by purchasing a further territory covering Bracknell and saw his turnover reach new heights yet again with an impressive 69% increase.

Whilst the year of 2020 has been unexpected for everyone and a difficult year for most, Siva has budgeted for a 50% increase in turnover and has also committed to a further two territory areas covering Watford and Luton.

There is no denying that the growth in turnover and territory ownership didn’t come overnight. Siva and his dedicated team have worked tirelessly to build a sustainable and profitable business over the last three years. The team are committed to delivering high standards of commercial cleaning, combined with unrivalled customer service and this is reflected in the high customer satisfaction scores that the business receives.

The future certainly looks bright for Siva and his five ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services territories, we look forward to working with Siva to achieve his goals for the remainder of 2020 and beyond.

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