Franchisee Testimonials – Chris Blewitt

Chris Blewitt is one of our newest franchisees to join the network and joined us in early 2018 

Having kindly took the time out of his busy schedule of quoting clients and managing his team, Chris has given us an insight in to his buying decisions in purchasing his business by answering the following three questions…

Q. What made you want to own your own business?
A. Lots of reasons..!

  • Fed up of not being in control of my own destiny
  • Fed up of working very hard for poor managers that didn’t appreciate me
  • Wanted to earn more than an average income
  • At an age and point in my career where I needed a new challenge
  • Need more security going forward – recognising in the short term I might have less security but that in the long term I would have much more security

Q. Why did you choose to partner up with ServiceMaster Clean?
A. Lots of reasons..!

  • Low franchise fees and sliding scale were attractive
  • People I thought I could work with
  • Long established brand
  • Low cost entry
  • Experienced brand operations managers
  • MD was prepared to say hello and have a chat

Q. What would your advice be to someone looking to start their own business with a franchise?
A. Really research it thoroughly and particularly focus on the financials.

We asked Chris if he had anything that he’d like to add…

If a true service business is what you want to do and you want a real management franchise, as an all-round package, I don’t think there is a better opportunity in the market place than ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services. I researched the world of franchising really thoroughly and this opportunity, I thought, was tremendous value-for money initially and as the business grows. My expectations were conservative, after just a couple of months I can see that the reality is that they will be far, far, exceeded.