Is there a market for home carpet cleaning?

Is there a market for a carpet cleaning franchise? YES! 

Did you know that the general recommendation is to get your carpets cleaned once a year? This could be more if you are a smoker, have pets or children.

Carpets receive an incredible amount of wear and tear, particularly in high traffic areas like a hall way or landing space and as such, begin to look dirty as even if your shoes are off, feet, socks and even paws, are incredibly dirty too. Whilst vacuuming can lift some dirt and dust, much of it becomes ground in to the carpet making it dirty, requiring a clean.

Yes there are home solutions that you can purchase or rent, but there is no greater feeling for a customer than leaving the professionals to do it and coming back to clean and fresh carpets a short time later.

You can be the solution to a customers needs.

But why should they choose you rather than doing it themselves? Join us and you’ll see.

  • You are trained – We train you with professional products and equipment to achieve the best results
  • You use professional products and equipment – Tried and tested for years
  • You can do it, so they don’t have to – Saving the customer time, effort and eliminating the risk of them damaging their own carpet
  • Reputable and reliable – You are part of a world-renowned brand, dedicated to delivering the best service

Turning up to a customers home in your yellow van, unpacking your professional equipment and products and knocking on the door in your branded uniform certainly goes a long way in demonstrating to the customer the difference between a professional carpet clean and a DIY one.

Our data suggests that the average customer spend so far in 2021 is £140, if you were to see just 1 customer per working day all year, this would be a turnover of £36,680 (based on 252 working days).  Most franchise owners, depending on the size of the customer job will see up to 3 customers per day, that could return over £100,000 based on our average customer value!

Sound of interest?

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