Meet the Brand Leader for Residential Services

Meet the Residential Services Brand Leader

Sophie Orme heads up the ServiceMaster Clean Residential brand and has done successfully since Autumn 2017.

The role was perfectly suited to Sophie after spending 7 years working with the brand in a marketing function, she knew much about the brand already and also knew that she could help the business owners to move the needle forward.

Fast forward 3 years and Sophie has achieved so much, from ensuring that all business owners have a clear direction of travel, creating a new state of the art website, implementing an innovative cloud business management system and more recently, championing the online shop where customers can buy residential carpet and upholstery cleaning services online.

What is the role of a Brand Leader?

The role of a Brand Leader is vast. Not only is it their responsibility to maintain brand integrity, but it is to also ensure that franchise owners are supported in their business from a technical and operational perspective.

Brand Leaders are responsible for innovation, setting the direction of travel and researching and developing new initiatives to take their brand even further.

Above all, it is the Brand Manager’s responsibility to champion the brand.

For more information on the ServiceMaster Clean Residential Brand from our Brand Leader, Sophie Orme – call 0116 275 9005 or email to arrange a free, no obligation chat