Meet Stuart McCaig, the new owner of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services in Bradford

We sat down with Stuart McCaig, the new owner of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Bradford.

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services in Bradford is now under new management, having been sold by the previous owner, Clive Jones, to former data analyst Stuart McCaig.

We sat down with Stuart to see how he’s been getting on with his new business and discuss his aspirations for the future.

Get to know the owner

Before joining ServiceMaster, Stuart worked as a contractor and a permanent data analyst for Lloyds Bank.

“I did a multitude of tasks, but towards the end, it was data analytics, and for my final project, I was involved with a large-scale legal tendering process,” he says.

This background has informed his approach to decision-making and his direction.

After many years at Lloyds, he says he “wanted to be the master” of his “own path.”

So, he decided to step into something new.

After speaking with Clive and spending time in the business, Stuart’s long due diligence deliberation period gave him the answer: ServiceMaster Clean was the perfect choice.

Long-term goals and model projections

He is now ready to bring his committed, methodical and driven approach to contract cleaning and is focused on his long-term goals.

“I very much went in, eyes open,” he says.

“I knew it was going to be challenging, and I just try not to focus too much on or sweat that stuff too much and focus on the longer term, bigger picture.”

Stuart’s data-driven background and pragmatic approach mean he is confident of long-term success by following the ServiceMaster model.

A model that has seen members in the franchise network achieve great results and puts him on track to do the same, with the ability to reach a turnover of £1,600,000 in 9 years when onboarding just two new customers every month.

“I want to be able, in ten years, assured that the business is at a place I’m happy with, and then I can, I don’t want to say put my feet up a bit, but let the business organically grow, and put somebody in situ who’s going to help that business do that.”

“Then I can be involved with it, but not as heavily as I will be for the next five or ten years. That’s my long-term goal.”

ServiceMaster Support System

Stuart is helped on his journey by a nationwide network of franchisees and an expert support team at ServiceMaster HQ.

Including brand leader Guy Strang and our franchise sales team, who worked hard to bring him into the fold.

“Guy is great. He is always on the end of the phone if I need him.”

Could you be the next Stuart?

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