Disaster restoration opportunity central london area

Resale opportunity – Central London

Resale Opportunity ServiceMaster Clean Disaster Restoration Central London has grown rapidly over the past five years. The current turnover stands at between five and six times that of 2010 when the business was started.


Regular customers vary from Government Departments, Embassies, Insurance Brokers and Facilities Managers to some of the biggest and most respected high street retailers. The business’s revenue stream comes predominantly from disaster restoration work; ranging from dealing with floods, escapes of water, fire and smoke damage, cleaning marks from carpets and hard floors, deep cleaning, builder’s cleans, graffiti and vandalism and a whole host of other unplanned occurrences requiring a speedy and problem solving response.

In addition to those customers secured at a local level, ServiceMaster Clean has national contracts & framework agreements in place with companies who require disaster restoration services. Many household brand names benefit from the help and speedy response we can give in dealing with disaster restoration, whilst it is stressed that these central contracts are not guaranteed and nor should they be relied on. They’re nice to have contracts and serve as encouragement for securing contracts at a local level. The central London market includes, shops, hotels, offices, restaurants, government and consular buildings etc.



Turnover has grown from £50,000 in 2010 when the business was acquired by the current owner to an average £300,000 level over its last five years, peaking at £450,000 during the exceptionally cold winter of 2011. Not bad if you think the economy was in recession for almost four of those years.



Investing in this business will mean you will not only benefit from the existing staff structure but you will have a whole host of blue chip clients to work for. Our existing team consists of an operations manager who deals with the customers in the field on a day-to-day basis solving the problems and delivering the jobs. The senior technician is trained to deal with almost every type of unplanned disaster occurrence and the office manager acts as a hub to channel job instructions into the business before giving them out to the operations team to carry out.


Assets included in the Sale

A branded and fully liveried Vauxhall Vivaro van comes with the sale. The tools and equipment included within the sale price will also ensure you are prepared for almost any commercial or domestic disaster jobs you may face as the new business owner.  The business owns over 40 insurance industry rated de-humidifiers and air-movers for drying out after floods, large carpet cleaning machines, spot stain removal cleaning machines, sump pumps, thermal fogging machines, jet washers, vacuums, brooms, shovels, needle sweep kits, sprayer bottles and commercial spraying equipment etc. It also includes a large amount of products and solutions required for cleaning almost every type of spillage and staining as well as a wide range of everyday practical tools to be able to do the job.


Operational Base

The current 650 sq ft office and storage unit is located just 12 miles outside of Central London. This makes it easy for staff to reach and is within easy travelling time for Central London. All equipment is stored at the office and the new owner has the opportunity to continue the current lease with the premises should they wish to do so at a very favourable rent. The region this business covers includes Central London and most of the surrounding Greater London areas to the north, south and west. In total, this exclusive licensed area totals over 1,000,000 individual households and over 75,000 businesses. Whether the new investor is looking to target the household insurance marked or the commercial office and retail sector the large coverage will ensure there will be plenty of people to call upon.


Reason for selling

The current owner is selling this fantastic opportunity to pursue another line of work abroad and a new investor with the right amount of enthusiasm and drive will be able to take the business to the next level. Central London as a location is the jewel in any business’s crown and to say that you cover dealing with disasters for the government as well as the top retailers in the centre of London will bring with it great kudos and the foundation for a successful and prosperous investment.

Competition in this sector in this area is limited, with many competitors failing to break ground in Central London. Recent work includes deep cleaning the ivory leather chairs for Cartier at a number of their shops in London. Carrying out work for these types of brands requires careful planning and execution, managing the logistics of working within the store as well as the job itself. This business will require a forward thinking person who is able to manage high level conversations with the high end retailers as well as be capable of solving their problem and providing an effective solution.


Business handover period

A short handover period can be tied into any sale agreement, with the current owner working alongside the new investor on a part-time basis as needed. During this time, the investor will be introduced to existing staff and clients and will be given information on how the business is run and operated.

Lee Morton, the current owner of ServiceMaster Clean Disaster Restoration Central London said: “One of the most important things about the business when we launched it was that we were buying into an existing brand. Very well-known and respected in London, most the customers we work with know of ServiceMaster Clean or know of them through the national work they carry out and that has been a big benefit for us.”

“We started pretty much from scratch but when we walked into the premises of some our customers and told them we were ServiceMaster Clean, they immediately knew who we were. In terms of the brand strength, it’s excellent and has really contributed to the success of this business.”

“Being one of the first on the scene after a disaster was a massive plus and a deciding factor for me when I originally invested in the business. It allowed us not only to deal with the immediate aftermath of the particular disaster event, such as a flood or fire, but also enabled us to be in the perfect place to be able to deal with any subsequent restoration and reinstatement work should it be required. Follow on opportunities are immense.”



This opportunity is a 24/7/365 business and every day is different. The business is perfectly positioned to continue the success it has had and will benefit hugely from the right individual with the right motivation to lead it to the next level. The business benefits from having a professionally organised and fully-staffed business with a very strong, long-term and stable and profitable customer base.

This business would be suited to someone wishing to carry on and grow its unique niche customer and activity base, or a company who could exploit the significant opportunities in restoration that would follow on from being the first on the scene.

Asking price: Offers in the region of £115,000 excluding equipment and stock.

This really is an exciting proposition and won’t stay on the market for long so, for further details on the sale of ServiceMaster Clean Central London, please download and complete the Non-Disclosure Form and contact us to register your interest today.