SMC South Humberside/East Yorkshire

Resale opportunity – South Humberside and East Yorkshire

Contract Services

South Humberside and East Yorkshire

This is a well-established business with a great reputation for providing solid, consistent, returns with huge potential in an economically growing region.

  • Well established ongoing relationships with a group of core customers that can be developed further
  • A team of committed and experienced people who can, and do, ‘deliver’ consistently
  • Solid regular revenues and profits that can be built on and developed

The area for sale consists of two franchise areas: South Humberside which covers Louth, Grimsby, Immingham, Barton, Brigg Scunthorpe, Gainsborough and Thorne; and East Yorkshire which consists of Bridlington, Driffield, Beverley, Hull and Goole.

  • The current value of monthly contracts for daily office cleaning which generates 93% of the total turnover is £466,777.00 and this comes from over 59 sites
  • The business has more than doubled in size over the last five years and continues to grow.

A good spread of customers with high retention rates

  • They are currently running at 87% retention rate
  • The customer base is made up of 59 small/medium sized accounts which protects the business from over reliance on specific customers. In fact, the two largest customers only account for 17% of the turnover combined..

A long serving experienced team of loyal people that ‘deliver’

  • The business currently employs 57 staff which would benefit from TUPE and continue to work for the new owner.
  • 25 of these employees have worked for over two years and 10 for over five years

A self-sustaining structure that can be taken over speedily and efficiently:

  • Emphasis has been on developing a structure whereby the day to day running of the cleaning runs with the least amount of involvement from the business owner.
  • The business is set up with Area Supervisors in Hull, Grimsby and Scunthorpe who are responsible for the day to day running of the accounts. This gives the customers reassurance that any issues can be dealt with promptly. Over the previous few years much effort has been put into developing the structure so that everything is not over dependent on the business owner.
  • The business is set up with local numbers and mailing address for Hull and Grimsby which makes the business easily transferrable and could be run from anywhere.
  • The business benefits from a self-employed telesales person and an active database that brings in regular appointments.
  • The business owner currently works from his home but staff and clients only know the business address so any new owner could easily take on these addresses.

This really is an exciting proposition and won’t stay on the market for long so, for further details on the sale of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services of South Humberside and East Yorkshire, please download and complete the Non Disclosure Form and contact us to register your interest today.