Salesperson Spotlight: Jayne Mutimer – ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services LNP

Get to know Jayne Mutimer from ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services LNP

In any business, sales are vital.

This is no different in franchising and certainly not for ServiceMaster Clean.

So, we’ve been getting to know a bit more about the salespeople who make a difference by going above and beyond in our franchise businesses across the UK.

Starting with Jayne, Senior Sales Consultant from ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services LNP.


Jayne hails from a sales background working abroad selling holidays. This was followed by working in retail management and customer service.

These experiences gave her a good aptitude for talking to and meeting new people, and this is what she enjoyed the most. In these roles, Jayne learned how to break down barriers and build a rapport with people.

She came to ServiceMaster not knowing anything about cleaning (other than general knowledge); joining ServiceMaster Three Counties in 2006  and LNP in April 2014.


Jayne says that a lot of her role is about problem-solving for people.

People often get in touch because they have an issue or are unhappy with something.

Although Jayne now also covers Northampton, she started in Peterborough when it had just been brought onto LNP.

The territory began with 20 clients, and her job was to build the pipeline from scratch by going around on foot in Peterborough and establishing relationships.

That pipeline has now grown to around 150 clients.

Thoughts on recent changes in customer behaviours/buying attitudes

The impact of things like the cost of living has shrunk margins. The role and industry have always been competitive, but Jayne has noticed this has increased recently.

Ultimately, she says, cleaning services are evergreen, and people are still looking for cleaning – it doesn’t have to be complicated.

People like to keep their cleaning simple, and that has remained.

Advice to any salesperson looking to join ServiceMaster Clean

“Get out there if you can. If you’re starting and you haven’t yet got a steady stream of clients and enquiries, get in the car and get out there, walk around and chat with people. It’s so much more fun!

People are really nice when you meet them face to face; a lot nicer than if you pick up the phone. People find it hard to be rude to you if you’re there. If you’re ringing them up when they’re busy, it’s a different story.

It’s a great job, and it’s very flexible, certainly for me, it has been. I manage my time. I make my own appointments, I’ve got my own diary, I work from home – perfect.

Financially, it’s been better than I ever thought. You’ve got to be patient – it takes time. You’re not going to earn a fortune immediately. But if you stick at it, the rewards are there.”

Want a new start?

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