How to get the most from your franchisor with ServiceMaster Clean

Getting the most from a franchise.

Being part of a franchise is a choice, so every individual has their reasons for joining.

There are costs to joining a franchise, but the benefits far outweigh these.

Therefore, we recommend getting as much out of your franchise journey as possible.

At ServiceMaster Clean, we offer a plethora of support, so you can make the most of your franchisor relationship.


The support you can receive as a franchisee in all stages of your journey is invaluable.

Initially, you may require hand-holding time whilst you find your feet.

In the middle, you could feel a little lost and need guidance to get back on track to move the needle forward.

Towards the end of your journey, you’ll likely seek to realise your investment and need assistance preparing your business for sale.

We’re here for all parts of your journey in whatever line of support that you need.

Our marketing professionals are on hand to help you sell the sizzle of your services; our operations team to get or keep your business in tip-top shape; and our IT, HR, and admin teams support the whole operation to function.


All of our new franchisees secure a place in our training academy.

You also benefit from ongoing training opportunities in marketing, sales, operations, and more.

It’s not compulsory, but much of our training is complimentary and designed for you to use.

Starter Pack and Return on Investment

At ServiceMaster Clean, you’ll make an initial investment depending on the opportunity, then we’ll give you the tools to make the most of the market.

Contract Services: £22,000 + VAT

Residential Services: £19,995 + VAT

Commercial Services: £23,000  + VAT

This cost covers your Starter Pack, which includes equipment, supplies, exclusive ServiceMaster Clean products, marketing launch activities and materials.

Your investment gets you:

  • Two-week training Academy and Operations Manual
  • Equipment and products
  • Uniforms
  • Stationary
  • Marketing and promotional materials
  • Vehicle branding package

And the opportunity to make some serious money.

Commercial Cleaning Opportunity:

The value of the commercial cleaning market in the UK was estimated to be around £5.6 billion in 2022.

So, you can expect an average gross profit percentage of 31%* and an average turnover of £1.1 million!

*These are projected averages based on franchisee turnover YTD 2021-2022, not financial certainties or expectations.

Residential Cleaning Opportunity:

There are approximately 27 million dwellings across the UK.

This multi-million-pound residential market consists of homeowners, tenants and landlords looking for a solution to maintain the appearance of their carpets, floorings and furnishings.

This means that by completing 423* cleans a year at a national job average of £133, you can earn £56,206 p.a.

*Based upon 9 jobs per week, 48 weeks a year, 5 working days a week.

Buy small and save big

As a small business, you may encounter poor economies of scale. Not as a franchisee!

We buy big so that you don’t have to.

Furthermore, we encourage our networks to tell us what they’d like to see in the warehouse so that we can buy it in bulk and pass the savings of doing so back to you.

Network Meetings 

You are never alone in a franchise.

Not only do you receive the support that you need from a world-renowned franchisor, but you also receive support from fellow like-minded business owners who have likely ‘been there and done that’.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet with them regularly, and upon onboarding, you will be encouraged to contact your peers to establish relationships immediately.

Ideas Review Council 

We are passionate about ensuring our franchisees have a voice.

As such, we have a panel of franchisees who have been voted a seat by the franchise network to share feedback, issues, guidance, recommendations and praise back to us for action or notation.

Learn More

There’s so much to get from a world-renowned franchisor. Everything that we offer is to help you on your way to business success.

See what we can do for you today by booking an intro call with our head of franchise sales, call 0116 275 9000 or email to find opportunities near you.

The first steps to buying a franchise

Turn the corner using a proven franchise business model. 

A franchise is the perfect route if you want to be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

They offer the benefit of an established brand, a proven business model and support in the areas where you need it.

There are almost 48,000 franchise businesses in the UK, and many brands to choose from.

But this much choice can be a little daunting. Analysis paralysis is real. It’s so easy to get caught in its safety net.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a few pointers to help set you on your way to breaking free from the 9-5.

Why are you looking at a franchise?

It’s important to know what your ‘why’ is. Why do you want to go into business?

Here are some common whys:

  • “I want to be my own boss.”
  • “I’ve noticed a gap in the market.”
  • “I can do it better than they do it.”
  • “I want a better lifestyle for my family.”
  • “I want to invest my redundancy/inheritance.”

Once you know why, it’s easier to find something suitable.

What are your options?

Your options are likely narrowed down by the available territory, cost, commitment, and credentials required to join.

Taking all of those into account, you’ll still find yourself with a lot of options. Choose the one most suited to your ‘why’.

Then, do your research.


Simply for ease, online research is the best place to start.

Methods of online franchise research:

  • Take a look at franchise directories
  • Read published franchise articles
  • Check associations like the BFA (British Franchise Association)
  • Visit franchisor websites
  • Follow social media channels for a broad and varied spectrum of opportunities.

For offline research, speak to franchisees and ask for advice from respected sources.

Where possible, utilise the franchise opportunities’ services for insight into the business.

Enquire & Engage

Once you have narrowed your search, enquire with the franchise brands that most suit your ‘why’.

Now is your opportunity to conduct more in-depth research and to form a relationship with the franchisor.

In franchising, relationships are the bread and butter. They make the world go around.

So, make sure it clicks. The business and the brand feel right for you to take advantage of the opportunity.

ServiceMaster Ltd. is committed to aiding your research, ensuring your decision to join us is right for you.

Contact Us

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Unveiling the ServiceMaster Clean AAA Woodland

Guildford-based entrepreneur Siva Kugathas celebrates the unveiling of his new initiative to offset his carbon emissions, the ServiceMaster Clean AAA Woodland.

At ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services, we are committed to providing cleaning services that go above and beyond the call of duty.

Though we are an international brand, we work closely within our local communities to provide a positive impact on the people we serve.

With climate change being a huge talking point and concern for many, we know the social responsibility that organisations and businesses have to affect positive change.

Back in April of 2023, we discussed the responsibility of businesses to help work against the looming threat of the climate crisis as we shared the excellent environmental initiatives from ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Mid-Anglia.

In that post, we shared an interesting statistic from Forbes. Although 90% of companies think sustainability is essential, only 60% have implemented a sustainability strategy.

Siva Kugathas from ServiceMaster Clean AAA is part of the 10% walking the walk.

Carbon emissions and businesses

According to the United Nations, fossil fuels and their carbon emissions are the main contributors to climate change.

With most of the carbon produced in the UK coming from our businesses, industries, and production habits, everything we, as businesses, do matters.

Especially fuel and product efficiency.

For example, according to the Harvard Business Review, by improving fuel efficiency by roughly 87% between 2005 and 2014, Walmart avoided 15,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions and saved nearly $11 million in one year.

Though this is one of the largest companies in the world, this example illustrates the scale that simple fuel efficiency can have on costs and the environment.

The ServiceMaster Clean AAA Woodland

Siva and the team at AAA strongly believe that, as a business, reducing their carbon footprint to help combat climate change is part of their social responsibility.

As such, they have undertaken several initiatives to reduce our environmental impact. Chiefly, the opening of the ServiceMaster Clean AAA Woodland.

But what is this, and why has Siva chosen to do it?

In the cleaning industry, travel by car/van is essential to ensure our cleaning equipment is transported safely to where it needs to be.

As driving is a massive contributor to carbon output, Siva’s targets for carbon offsetting are to offset the carbon his teams put out.

To do this, he has recently purchased a plot of land in Devonshire named ‘The ServiceMaster Clean AAA Woodland”.

Siva planned to plant trees for each new client his team provides services for to help put more oxygen into the atmosphere and offset carbon emissions.

However, having consulted with a local ecologist and discussed the condition of the biome, he now plans to incorporate complementary trees and plant life into the existing land and turn the area into a conservation site to preserve and nurture the woodland.

So, while he will still be planting new greenery to offset carbon emissions, he will also be working carefully to care for this patch of nature and ensure it becomes a haven for local plants and wildlife.

The Grand Opening

Last week, members from Siva’s team from across his 14 territories and members of ServiceMaster Brands UK’s head office team gathered at the woodland to officially open the land and mark the occasion with a team BBQ.

As he popped the champagne and cut the ribbon alongside ServiceMaster Brands UK Managing Director Alan Lewin, Siva detailed his plans for the land,

“The initial plan was that we were going to plant lots of Conifer trees and offset our Co2 mileage, but there is a slight change in the plan now. We will nurture and bring in the broad-leaf, add more trees and look after this land.”

He then thanked his team for all their hard work and support with his initiatives:

“Thank you all for making it here and supporting opening this land.”

“To the ServiceMaster HQ team, thank you very much for being here, and most importantly, thank you to our staff who work day in and day out to enable us to make this happen and do something good to give back to the community.”

Siva, Alan and Guy Strang, ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Brand Leader, then did the honours of planting the first trees, laying down roots for what the ServiceMaster Clean AAA Woodland promises to become.

Want to operate your own successful business?

If, like Siva, you would also like to develop your own professional contract cleaning company, backed by 60 years of experience as an industry leader, contact the ServiceMaster franchise sales team on 0116 275 9000 to find opportunities near you.

ServiceMaster Clean in Newbury pick up multiple awards for business growth

ServiceMaster Clean Newbury had a very successful evening recently at the ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Summer Summit, receiving two awards for growth.

At ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services, we always strive to go above and beyond in all we do, whether it’s exceeding our client’s expectations, nurturing relationships with our staff and customers or developing a thriving franchise network.

Earlier this month, we celebrated many of our franchise business owners who go above and beyond as part of our annual conference, the ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Summer Summit.

This fantastic day allowed our franchisees from across the UK to come together with staff from our head office and event sponsors from different companies to network, develop, and celebrate their businesses.

Awards for ServiceMaster Clean Newbury

To close the day, a black-tie awards evening saw various franchisees awarded for their recent achievements and contributions to our network and the cleaning industry.

Amongst the winners was ServiceMaster Clean Newbury, who last year won the coveted North Star Invest Award, and this year won multiple awards for growth in the business.

The Awards Won

These included two awards for achieving exceptional business growth milestones. The first was for growth of over £500,000 in one year, and the second was for over £1 million growth over five years.

Since becoming an EOT in 2021 and making the staff the owners, ServiceMaster Newbury has focused on growth by working hard to retain its existing clients and secure new ones whilst continuing to deliver the same high standards their clients expect and deserve.

With the employees owning the majority of shares in the company, they are incredibly motivated to go above and beyond in the services they provide for their customers.

This desire to grow and develop the business has included an emphasis on sales and a particular effort to nurture and develop staff talent in sales-oriented roles.

The business has also started to access new, high-value markets and made a particular effort to listen to customer needs. This strategy’s benefits are now paying off, as demonstrated by these two awards for growth.

Business Services Director Jane Paisley said

“If everyone is committed to delivering the best service, maintaining professional standards, and working together to achieve this, a business can develop and grow.”

“Our continued growth will provide opportunities for investment in our people, equipment, green initiatives and the wider community.”

“Winning these awards is the culmination of everyone’s hard work over the past five years. It Is wonderful to have this hard work recognised by the presentation of these two awards at the CS Summer Summit 2023.”

“We were very proud to win both these awards and share this experience with our fellow franchisees.”

Want to operate your own successful business?

If you would also like to develop your own professional contract cleaning company, backed by 60 years of experience as an industry leader, contact the ServiceMaster franchise sales team on 0116 275 9000 to find opportunities near you.

ServiceMaster in Leicester wins multiple awards at summer conference

ServiceMaster LNP picked up multiple awards at this year’s ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Summer Summit.

At ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services, we always strive to go above and beyond in all that we do.

Whether it’s exceeding our client’s expectations, nurturing relationships with our staff and customers or developing a thriving franchise network.

Earlier this month, we celebrated many of our franchise business owners who go above and beyond in their own ways as part of our annual conference, the ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Summer Summit.

This fantastic day allowed our franchisees from across the UK to come together with staff from our head office and event sponsors from different companies to network, develop, and celebrate their businesses.

Awards for ServiceMaster LNP

To close out the day – a black tie awards evening saw expectational franchisees awarded for their recent achievements and contributions to our network and the cleaning industry.

Amongst the winners was ServiceMaster LNP, whose team won an impressive four awards.

The awards won

These included two awards for business growth, which reached impressive numbers in recent years.

ServiceMaster LNP’s growth awards recognised their growth of £800,000 in 2022 and £5 million in the last two years.

Another award recipient from the Leicester team was Area Supervisor Davinder Ghattoura, who was recently featured on ITV news as part of a report about the Leicester City Football Club Active Women programme.

Davinder won both Employee’s Employee of the Year and the coveted Above and Beyond award for her contributions to the team.

General Manager Lee Redfern says:

“It makes me immensely proud when we received these awards, as it reflects just how hard everyone has worked in the business to get us to this level.”

He attributes the growth and successes of the business to,

“A mixture of having a good base template to start and train from, setting ourselves high standards, and having a Team right throughout the three areas we look after, from Sales, to Operations, our office-based staff, the Delivery Team, and ultimately our cleaners, who all want to achieve the same thing, and help the company grow, whilst providing a great service for our customers.”

“It does mean a lot to all of us to win the awards that we have done, although there is a hunger to always go further.”

He adds:

“The Awards evening was very enjoyable, and It was great to be a part of it.”

“Having the opportunity to acknowledge our success last year with some of our team was a great highlight, and also our Area Supervisor Davinder Ghattoura winning the Employee’s, Employee of the Year Award, and the Above and Beyond Award was a fantastic achievement.”

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Lee and his team on their hard work and achievements and wish them continued success in the future.

Want to operate your own successful business?

If, like Lee, you would like to develop your own professional contract cleaning company, backed by 60 years of experience as an industry leader, contact the ServiceMaster franchise sales team on 0116 275 9000 to find opportunities near you.

Father’s Day Spotlight – Chris and Jessica Blewitt

In honour of Father’s Day, we’re spotlighting father and daughter duo Chris and Jessica Blewitt from ServiceMaster Clean North East, who recently celebrated 5 years in business.

What is it like to build a business with your father/daughter?

Chris: “Overall it’s great to build a business with your daughter. Jessica is only 23 now and was 17 when we started. She was at college then but helped out from the first day. She was the one that did our first tax return and she is the expert on invoicing, banking, and payroll.

It was not planned that she would come into the business, it just evolved. She went from helper to part-time employee. She then was offered a full-time promotion by her other part-time employer, which was a tough decision but I said she should do what was right for her. She carried on helping, which was hard when she had already done a long day.

We knew that one day she would come back into the business full-time but perhaps that was 5 or 10 years away. Rapid growth meant that a full-time Business Process Manager was required and she decided now was the time to come back into the business and we believe make it her career. Seeing firsthand her capability and dedication fills me with immense pride. At such a young age, she gives the appearance of a veteran. She is well-known in the network and with Head Office staff.”

Jessica: “I find it motivating to work in the business because if I do a good job, not only is it beneficial to me but to my Dad and my family as a whole. It can be challenging to have to switch between the roles of ‘employee and boss’  to ‘daughter and father’. Because it’s my Dad I always know he has my best interests at heart – I have his back and he has mine.”

Why did you decide to build a company alongside your family?

Chris: “As mentioned previously,  it wasn’t planned although I did think it could create opportunities for family members. Perhaps you could say I secretly hoped Jessica would get involved. I have a son also, Daniel, who is now 21 but still deciding what he wants to do. He is very entrepreneurial but still getting to grips with the world of work. At this stage, I am not sure if there would be a role in our commercial cleaning business but a franchise with another ServiceMaster brand could be a possibility.

Sue, my wife, also helps in the business but has her own separate career. That said, we worked side by side, on initial deep cleans, with  two of our longest serving clients and was there to support, for cover, when we only had a very small team.”

How has your dad/family given you the skills to run the business?

Jessica: “We are not quite at the stage where I am running the business but I am fully aware of all the functions. I specialise in our office and business processes, both developing them and operating them, but I am heavily involved in running the operational side of the business. The sales and marketing side of the business is something I would need more exposure to but alternatively, it’s not a role I might do, just manage if I take on a General Manager role in the future, depending how big we grow.

I work extremely closely with my Dad, so I live and breathe the events that occur in the company. We have very similar thinking, which makes it easier and my Dad likes to talk through issues with members of his team, including me – we have a very collaborative culture. I think my Dad is a great mentor and at 23 I feel well-equipped to run the franchise – at some point in the future. My Dad has a business degree but he tells me I have a much greater understanding of running a business than he did at my age.”

What is it like to operate a multi-generational business?

Chris: “Having the opportunity to work with a member of your family on any ‘project’ can be very rewarding, but building something as large and multi-faceted as a business takes this to another level. Being able to spend so much time with someone you care about is another benefit. I held my Dad in very high regard but I never saw so closely, firsthand,  how he did business.”

What legacy were/are you hoping to leave behind for Jessica/future generations?

Chris: “Building something that can benefit a future generation of your family is very satisfying. The thought that perhaps other future generations could be involved, develop themselves in the business, and take it on further would be even more exciting. Hopefully, the business will continue with my values being the foundation –  hard work, servicing our clients very well, looking after our people, and offering a truly professional service.  I have no plans to sell the business, my plan is to pass it on through the family – if that’s what they want to do.”

What about ServiceMaster Clean made it the right company for your careers?

Jessica: “Whilst I didn’t plan this as a career, I have found it to be a great match for my skills. I enjoy the variety of work and love the flexibility. Recently I bought a house to do up and the business gives me the opportunity to flex my day to keep the building project on track – I couldn’t have done this in a 9-5 role.  It’s a bit of payback for the nights a few years ago when we worked until 11 pm doing payroll before I became full-time!”

Chris: “When I looked at business opportunities I wanted something scalable, proven but with support if needed it. I thought the people at ServiceMaster Clean were people I could work with and this has been found to be the case. It’s great to be part of a network. My biggest regret is that I didn’t do this 20 years earlier – but then I wouldn’t have been able to grow it from the start with my daughter.”

Want to operate your own successful business?

If, like Chris, you would like to develop your own professional contract cleaning company, backed by 60 years of experience as industry leaders, contact the ServiceMaster franchise sales team on 0116 275 9000 to find opportunities near you. 

Top Safety Accreditation for ServiceMaster Clean AAA

ServiceMaster Clean AAA has been awarded accreditation from Alcumus SafeContractor for achieving excellence in health and safety in the workplace.

Alcumus SafeContractor is a leading accreditation scheme which recognises extremely rigorous standards in health and safety management amongst contractors.

It is used by thousands of organisations in the UK, including SMEs and FTSE 100 companies.

ServiceMaster Clean AAA

Employing staff and serving clients, ServiceMaster Clean AAA is principally involved in the cleaning sector, specialising in offices and commercial premises, with over £5 million turnover.

ServiceMaster Clean AAA’s most recent clients have included major players in business like the Four Seasons Hotel, UK Oil & Gas, Fuji Films, Tommy Hilfiger, Stoke Park Golf Club, as well as nursing homes and medical practices.

The company’s application for SafeContractor accreditation was driven by the need for a uniform standard across the business.

SafeContractor accreditation will enhance the company’s ability to win new contracts, and its commitment to safety will be viewed positively by its insurers when the company liability policy is up for renewal.

Some kind words

Gemma Archibald, Divisional CEO of Alcumus Supply Chain Division, said:

“Major organisations simply cannot afford to run the risk of employing contractors who are not able to prove that they have sound health and safety policies in place.”

“More companies need to understand the importance of adopting good risk management in the way that ServiceMaster Clean AAA has done.”

“The firm’s high standard has set an example which hopefully will be followed by other companies within the sector. SafeContractor plays a vital role in supporting our clients in meeting their compliance needs, whilst working with their contractors as they progress through the accreditation process.”

ServiceMaster Clean AAA business owner Siva Kugathas said of the new accreditation:

“I am delighted to achieve SafeContractor certification. We pride ourselves on the safety of our customers, employees and the public.”

“This will certainly help us to win more clients.”

Yasmin Chaudhari, from ServiceMaster Brands UK, added:

“This certification is a huge achievement for ServiceMaster Clean AAA and is just one of the many ways the brand goes above and beyond to deliver for their clients.”

“Not only does this prove that the customers really are at the heart of the business, but it also keeps the brand and business ahead of the game, setting them worlds apart from the next contract cleaning company on the market. Big congrats to the AAA team for this accreditation!”

Want to grow a successful cleaning business?

If you’d like to grow an accredited and highly successful business as part of a celebrated nationwide network, contact our franchise sales team today on 0116 275 9000 to find opportunities near you.

ServiceMaster in Manchester wins prestigious franchise award

A cleaning company launched from a couple’s conservatory 30 years ago has won its current boss a major industry award.

CJ Micallef, the daughter of the founders of ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Manchester, has won a Great British Franchisee Award – the highest honour in the franchising world.

The Great British Franchisee Awards

Organised by franchising staple whichfranchise, Great British Franchisee status recognises the ‘crème de la crème of Britain’s franchisees’ for excellence in their industry, customer satisfaction and growth, and, in many cases, how the business owners coped during the pandemic.

The awards, now in their third year, have seen ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services franchises awarded each consecutive year, with CJ Micallef joining Chris Blewitt and Siva Kugathas as GBFA awardees from our network, and 14 of Britain’s finest franchisees this year.

How it started

ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services Manchester has grown from one couple’s dream, thought up in a conservatory, to a thriving business that employs more than 300 staff with a turnover of more than £3 million, and CJ expects to hit £4 million soon.

When CJ’s parents bought the franchise to provide cleaning services in the city centre and South areas of Manchester in 1992, it took a year to make a profit.

It went on to become the top ServiceMaster franchise four times in a single year, and CJ’s parents won the HSBC-backed Franchisee of The Year Award from the Daily Express in 1999.

Going above and beyond

They took the bold step of expanding their territory during the recession of 2008 and were rewarded with a loyalty that has seen many of their cleaners remain with them for more than 10 years.

“As a sector with a high staff turnover rate, achieving such feats of employee dedication within the cleaning industry is exceptional, “says CJ.

“We deliver cleaning services to more than 200 customers on 265 sites a day – and that will rise to 664 sites from this year, following our success in winning a contract from another large housing association.

“We were hit hard by the pandemic. Almost 60% of our client base suspended operations overnight and many of those clients didn’t reinstate cleaning services until June, which meant we lost more than three months’ revenue.

“The short-term impact of COVID was further compounded by the loss of more than 10 contracts totalling half a million.

“Operating under uncertain and fluctuating circumstances, we rose to the challenge. All of our Head Office staff returned from furlough and we restructured our team at director level.

“To accommodate our growth, three full-time mobile cleaners provide vital cover for our growing customer base and we now have a fleet of 17 vehicles.”

About CJ

CJ, who joined the company after working for McDonald’s, Sainsbury’s and Starbucks, says her parents started the business after spotting a gap in the market.

“Cleaning was classed as a commodity, had little personalisation and value set upon it, and cleaning staff were viewed as invisible, as opposed to an individual with a purpose.

Therefore, my parents decided to create a niche in the market centred around quality cleaning services rather than price.

We’re now a business that other ServiceMaster franchisees turn to for support, advice, problem-solving and knowledge.”

Some words from our team

Guy Strang, Brand Leader for ServiceMaster, seconds this, saying “CJ is central to the work of CS Manchester.”

“Not only has she continued to grow the business, but she has consistently invested in new technology and systems that allow her and the Manchester team to work smarter and faster to provide their clients with the best possible contract cleaning experience every single time.

A key strength of being a part of a franchise is belonging to a network of like-minded business people. As a pillar of our network and their local community, CJ and the CS Manchester team are a source of constant inspiration and support to their peers.

Quite honestly, it is difficult to summarise all the contributions that CJ and the team at CS Manchester have made in their local area.

Be it, employment, charitable activities, or developing individuals in their business and personal lives, working for the betterment of others is at the heart of what CJ and CS Manchester do day in and day out.

However, one thing it is not difficult for me to see is that all of this makes CJ worthy of recognition and such an award.”

CJ says that she would like to thank her team and dedicate her award to her staff.

“We couldn’t have achieved this fantastic award without our amazing team who work tirelessly day in and day out to deliver quality services for our customers,” she says. “This award is for them!”

“When you have a great team it’s easier to lead, I’m thankful and grateful that we have great motivated colleagues to work alongside.

Without their hard work, determination, commitment, and effort the company would not be in the strong position it is in.”

Want to grow your own successful commercial cleaning business?

If you’re looking for a fresh start and would like to join a franchise network full of the UK’s best and brightest, get in touch with our friendly franchise sales team today to see learn about ServiceMaster Clean Contract Services opportunities near you.

ServiceMaster Clean Business Owner Crowned Great British Entrepreneur

Guildford entrepreneur named Service Industries Entrepreneur of the Year 2022.

Guildford-based Siva Kugathas has been recognised as one of this year’s most exceptional business leaders at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2022 Grand Final.

Siva, the founder of ServiceMaster AAA, was named Service Industries Entrepreneur of the Year at this year’s prestigious ceremony.

About ServiceMaster AAA

Covering fourteen towns across South East England, Yorkshire and the East Midlands, ServiceMaster AAA has spent almost 6 years under Siva’s management delivering high-quality cleaning services for commercial properties.

ServiceMaster AAA provides a range of commercial clients with contract cleaning as part of the nationwide ServiceMaster Clean franchise, from offices and schools to GP surgeries and car showrooms.

The Great British Entrepreneur Awards

The programme, in partnership with Starling Bank, has recognised the UK’s most inspiring entrepreneurial success stories for a decade and developed a community-oriented network of alumni which grows year after year.

The ceremony was held at Grosvenor House in London and saw 1,400 entrepreneurs and colleagues join together to celebrate a collective £2 billion generated in turnover and over 17,000 jobs.

Siva’s Award

Siva is among 12 entrepreneurs from across the South East who went home with prizes in categories from Health & Beauty and Sustainability to Family Business and the overall Great British Entrepreneur of the Year Award, which was won by Jordan Brompton of myenergi Ltd.

Rajeeb Dey MBE, a member of the judging panel, said:

“Siva has brought a level of innovation and customer-centricity to the cleaning industry which is admirable. His own story of coming to the UK as a refugee and harnessing his entrepreneurial spirit is inspiring and I commend him for his success in scaling ServiceMaster whilst ensuring his employees and client satisfaction scores remain high.”

Upon receiving his award, Siva said:

“I am delighted to win this prestigious award. I’d like to dedicate this award to my team for their hard work, which has played a huge part in the growth of the business.”

Siva and some of the AAA team receiving his award

The 2022 Awards

Over the ten years, there have been a number of big names to receive accolades, including Alan and Juliet Barratt of Grenade, Shaun Pulfrey of Tangle Teezer and Diary of a CEO host Steven Bartlett. Many previous winners have gone on to sit on the expert judging panel for the 2022 programme.

The tenth-anniversary awards also included a brand new category – the John Caudwell Blaze Your Own Trail Award recognises organisations and individuals providing non-traditional routes into employment through apprenticeships, on-job training and work experience placements. The award was added as part of a new partnership between the programme and the Phones4U founder’s charity Caudwell Children.

Great British Entrepreneur Awards founder Francesca James said that the awards’ tenth anniversary was the biggest and best yet:

“Celebrating Britain’s ambitious, driven and inspirational entrepreneurs for a decade has been an honour, and we’ve learnt so much from hearing all of their unique stories and perspectives.

“The extraordinary circumstances of the last few years have tested the resilience of our business communities, and the challenges were enough to give many entrepreneurs an excuse to give up. Instead, our award winners did the opposite and, through ingenuity, innovation and the ability to adapt, they thrived.

“These challenges certainly haven’t gone away, and the next few years will present new obstacles to overcome – but one only needed to look around the room at our tenth anniversary to see some of the truly special founders and doers, to gain confidence that this snapshot of the economy can go on and adapt again.

“We’d like to congratulate all of our 2022 winners for all of their hard work and achievements – we look forward to following your lead into 2023 and beyond!”

Anne Boden MBE, Founder of Starling Bank, headline partner of the Awards, said:

“Entrepreneurs up and down the country across so many different industries have shown just how innovative and resilient they have been in these uncertain times. The awards are a celebration of their success – congratulations to all winners.”

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